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Vaalvil Puthithana Paathai

I Found a new way of living,
I Found a new life divine,
I have the fruit of the spirit,
I'm abiding, abiding in the vine,
Abiding in the vine, abiding in the vine
Love, Joy, Health, Peace, He has made them mine,
I have prosperity, power and victory,
Abiding, Abiding in the vine

tho;tpy; Gjpjhd ghij
fz;Nld; ey; Njt Mtpapy;
cz;Nld; Mtpapd; fdpfs;
epiyg;NgNd ehd; jpuhl;ir nrbapy;
epiyg;Ngd; mtupy; vd; md;G re;Njh\k;
rkhjhdk; Rfk; ve;jd; nrhe;jkhf;fpdhH
tho;tpy; Rgpf;\Kk; ty;yikAk; n[aKz;L
epiyg;NgNd jpuhl;ir nrbapy