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O Devanuke Magimai

X! NjtDf;F kfpik!
vd;id J}f;fpnaLj;jhu; ,NaR
jk; fuj;ij ePl;b ,ul;rpj;jhNu
X! NjtDf;F kfpik!

ehd; ,NaRit Nerpf;fpNwd;
Nkd;NkYk; Nerpf;fpNwd;
mf;fiuapy; ehd; epd;W mtiu
vd;nwd;Wk; tho;j;JNtd;

Oh! Glory to God He has lifted me up
He has lifted me up I know
He stretched out His hand
And He lifted me up
And that's why I love Him so

I love Him more and more (2)
And when I stand upon the other shore
I'll praise Him more and more